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Starbucks Canada - Good things are happening!

On June 7th, people from Starbucks Canada joined us for a tour, volunteering, and a smudging ceremony. They visited all the way from Toronto, BC, and other parts of Alberta. We were humbled by how engaged and emphatic they all were.

Inclusion & Diversity

Starbucks is putting a strong emphasis on their commitment to equal opportunity. They are working towards cultivating an environment where differences are embraced and building a culture that fosters a sense of belonging. This absolutely matches The Rock Soup Greenhouse and Food bank goals. We are both working towards enabling community resiliency and prosperity.

It is always an honour to get the chance to show important members of the private industry like Starbucks what we do and how true accessibility is accomplished.

We thank Jocelyn, the Store Manager in Wetaskiwin, for organizing this visit as well as for all the support they always give to our cause.

Check out below some images from that day. If you know or run a company that would like to participate in a different kind of team building, give us a call!. And to find out more about how @StarbuckCanada is putting people first, visit:

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