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Please watch this video for more information on our Non-Profit Charity

An Introduction to The Rock Soup Greenhouse and Food Bank Remastered

An Introduction to The Rock Soup Greenhouse and Food Bank Remastered

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About our Main People


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, he saw in fighting hunger a way to ground himself and keep busy during this time. With his friend Becky Flowers and his kids by his side, he spent the spring and summer building a test greenhouse in Edmonton. After a good start, he began looking for larger facilities in central Alberta in order to fill the food bank gap in more rural communities. A few months and a lot of cold nights spent in a tent to raise funds later, Rock Soup was opening its doors on Christmas eve, providing food for 77 families just the first night.

This is Craig Haavaldsen. He used to work with the public in his social services career and he noticed how many would go without food, often for the whole day. He also did research for a work project on the social determinants of health, and he realized that it would be impossible for the typically bi-weekly hampers of food banks to give the recommended amount of fresh food for families in need. And what's more, that access to this basic supplies in the current system means going through a timely and invasive process.


We are a
safe space
where people can
connect with
and each other.

Just like in the Rock Soup folk story, it's not  the stone that performs the magic. It is all of us


Volunteers Packing Food

We fight hunger

removing institutional, cultural and systemic barriers. 


Good food organization

We are one of 270+ other Good Food Organizations representing communities across Canada and beyond, all working together towards a healthy and fair food system.

The awesome people you'll see around:


Favourite food: 



Operations Manager Co-founder

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Favourite food: 



Logistics Coordinator

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Executive Director Co-founder

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Volunteer Coordinator

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Bring on your unique ingredient!


Volunteer and become a souper.

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