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One year - The celebration!

Updated: May 12, 2022

We didn't have a chance to celebrate our first official anniversary in a big way back in December. But on Saturday 23rd we had a ribbon cutting ceremony commemorating our first anniversary as members of the Leduc and Wetaskiwin Chamber.

It was an honour to give a tour to the people from the Chamber and show them what we work for everyday. They were deeply moved and offered some beautiful words during the ceremony. We were also privileged to have the company of the Wetaskiwin's mayor, Tyler Gandam, who kindly thanked Rock Soup for the valuable and important services we offer to the community.

A huge highlight for us was when two of our clients stepped up to shared part of their stories and the relevance that our beautiful community at the store have had in their lives.

It was a special day, and we hope to have many more anniversaries to celebrate, sharing food, experiences, and growing our community.

Do you also have a story to share in relation to Rock Soup and what it has meant in your life as a client, volunteer, or donor? Please reach out and let us know! Send us an email to These stories propel our motivation and help us to continue bringing our best.

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