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A positive experience
making positive impact.








Meaningful learning experience




The experience we had in your space was life changing for all of us and it is an experience we will not soon forget.

Viki Matheos (Regional Director, Starbucks -Edmonton)

At Rock Soup Greenhouse & Food Bank we focus on building a meaningful connection with the community, trespassing the conventional social barriers. We go back to the basic things that make us human.

Our one-day corporate volunteering program consists of three phases:

Welcoming tour

Your team is taken through our facilities learning about our mission, stories from our community, and heart warming experiences.


We honour the importance of indigenous peoples in our community by taking part in a smudging ceremony to renew your sense of self and bring clarity to the mind.

Hands-on activity

Take all that built positive energy and motivation and get to work. Help us grow food in the greenhouse, preserve food for the winter months, or bring more shine to our facilities.


We are flexible with group sizes and duration of the program. The hands-on activity varies depending on the season. If you have a particular need that is not met with our standard program, please let us know!

Thank you for considering us to be part of your corporate social responsibility strategy.

If the community wins, everyone wins. And important members of the community, such as your corporation, can help us continue providing truly accessible food security to those that need it most.

We are always exited to meet new allies. Are you exited to be part of something new and different? Book your one-day event now and get your team to join our growing list of souper troupers!

Download and print this information to share with your team!

Submit your information and we will contact you to arrange all the details!

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