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Our star souper troupers


They provide their customers with easy-to-follow recipes and fresh, high-quality ingredients, doing weekly meal kit delivery service with no minimum term or commitments.

They work to change the way people eat. HelloFresh commits to offsetting 100% of direct carbon emissions, making it your eco-friendly meal kit of choice.


Organic period care for everybody. They provide sustainable and biodegradable pads and tampons delivered directly. No hassle. No fees.

Joni exists to empower everyone who menstruates. To that end, they partner with non-profits like us in advocating for new period equity policies and initiatives across Canada as well as helping to distribute more sustainable period care options like joni to those who need them most.

Partner with us!

If your company runs with a sense of community and shares our values, we can work together in creating real change towards food security and inclusion. Let's talk!

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