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Welcome to Rock Soup Microgreens


Most food banks use their donations to BUY food and then distribute it to their clients.

The Rock Soup Greenhouse and Food Bank is different, we actually grow our own produce rather than buy it.

Every dollar donated, allows us to grow at least two to three dollars' worth of produce,

which then goes directly to help feed the needy.

Every dollar donated, does at least four dollars of good.

The First dollar goes directly to Rock Soup, which allows us to grow fresh microgreens,

The Second and Third dollars, come from microgreens grown by Rock Soup, and then donated to other local food banks,

The Fourth dollar comes from the government in the future, by way of a matching grant.


Help us grow
to produce

How do we do that??

Image by Liza Golyarchuk

We produce microgreens

following organic principles, using no GMO components, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Image by Liza Golyarchuk

We package them in plant based, compostable clam shells or bags to be sent out to our clients within a day from harvest.

Image by Liza Golyarchuk

All while giving our volunteers access to learning new skills, and providing our donors with healthy food and/or charitable donation receipts.


Image by Petr Magera

Microgreens are simply smaller versions of conventional herbs and vegetables. Essentially the same full-grown herb or vegetable, but just harvested at an earlier time.

They are used as a nutrition supplement, a visual enhancement, and a flavor and texture enhancement. 

Microgreens not only add sweetness and spiciness to foods, they are some of the best superfoods that have many health benefits such as: anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and anti-aging properties, support cardiovascular health, strengthen the immune system, boost brain function, among many others.


Because we want to help feed the needy and be self-sufficient in covering our infrastructure costs (rent and utilities) while providing a healthy product, knowledge, and new skills to our community... and you can help us accomplish it!

Image by Petr Magera

What's in it for you?

A charitable donation receipt, with a BIG tax refund, and the knowledge you are helping to feed a lot of needy people.

We have different donorship levels and they all come with amazing benefits additionally to knowing that you are supporting Rock Soup and its mission.

Please watch this video for more information on our Non-Profit Charity

An Introduction to The Rock Soup Greenhouse and Food Bank Remastered

An Introduction to The Rock Soup Greenhouse and Food Bank Remastered

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We respectfully acknowledge that we are living and working in Treaty 6 Territory.

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